PAN CAMBODIAN LOTTERY CORPORATION LIMITED was established in 2011, is a company ,set up by a group of investors from Malaysia and Cambodia providing legal professional lottery in Cambodia….; frankly, during 2011 we met many obstacles as we just started our business; hence, our business did not run smoothly . In this spirit, we have never given up with obstacles that have happened to us. However, we have strived to overcome with it; thus, obstacles made us stronger.  A long with this, we do everything to adhere our, vision, mission, and we precisely know that with our clear vision, right mission, creative and innovative mind, experience, facilities , human resources, and financial resources including high ambition, strong commitment will make our company rapidly grow and widely recognize both local and international.

Hence, after passed through the experience for over three years, we have seen that the our human resources have potential confidence on its expertise and gets more strongly support from all segments; our shareholder and Executive Director have hereby decided to launch our lottery products in 16 January 2015 with is a great success. In addition, we firmly believe that with the continuous commitments and hard works of our staff, PCL is well positioned to take advantage of opportunities as the economy has continued to grow. Along with the strong support and encouragements from our shareholder, we will endeavor to build PCL to be the one of the best legal professional lottery in Cambodia.

Core Value

  1. CSR
  2. Commitment
  3. Teamwork — we are committed to create an environment of mutual respect where open, honest communication is our cornerstone. We embrace the diversity of our team and individual perspectives in working together to achieve our common goals.
  4. Innovation: Learn from our experiences, embrace change and encourage innovation.
  5. Progressive: develop gradually both company and stakeholder.


To be leading and charitable lottery company in Cambodia.


As one of Lottery Company in Cambodia; we commit to conduct lottery games with the aim of raising money for the Social Welfare benefits, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Cambodian and to strive for all Cambodia Government, PCL staff, agents, stakeholder benefits and reasonable return of investment for our shareholders.